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As a company, we strive to bring joy and satisfaction to our customers. We have helped homeowners improve their homes since 1996 by installing stylish and top quality shower enclosures, mirrors, custom cut glass, bath accessories, and custom closets at affordable costs. With custom cut materials, your glass, mirrors and shelving are cut specifically for your space.  


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Crump & Company offers Frameless, Framed, and Semi-Frameless enclosures with options of Single Doors, Door and Panels, Corner Showers, Neo Angle or Bypass/Sliding Showers. We have a variety of handles and hardware options as well to fit the design of your bathroom.

Frameless Shower Enclosures

Frameless Shower Enclosures add a clean, open appearance to any bathroom. Since frameless enclosures require minimal hardware, your shower will have a stylish, modern appearance.

Framed Shower Enclosures

Framed Shower Enclosures are our most affordable shower options. Since there is a frame completely surrounding the glass to add stability, you would not need to use heavy glass dropping the cost down. The glass edges are completely sealed with the frame preventing leaks.

Semi-Frameless Shower Enclosures

Semi-Frameless Enclosures offer the look of a frameless shower with the cost of a framed shower. Semi-frameless has metal around the outside of the glass but no metal in the center (think of a picture frame).


Adding a mirror to a room will add dimension to any room making appear larger as well as refract light throughout it. We have many styles of mirror options available for our customers: Flat Polished, Bevel Wrapped, and Beveled mirrors, etc. Crump & Company also offer custom cut glass for your particular needs. Whether it is a table top, glass shelves, etc. we can cut your glass to fit your space.

Flat Polished Mirror

With residential remodels and new home construction, most of our clients opt for a standard flat mirror. They add a polished look to any bathroom.

Bevel Wrap Mirror

Adding bevel wrap to your mirror is a great way to add a contemporary look to any mirror. Mirrored bevel strips and corners are added to a flat mirror to create a framed look.

Beveled Mirror

Beveled Mirrors add an elegant, subtle yet noticeable 1” bevel edge around the mirror.


We offer two options of custom shelving: Ventilated and Melamine wood shelving. Adding shelving to your closet will increase functionality and add hanging space to your closet.

Ventilated Shelving

Ventilated shelving is a white epoxy-coated wire shelving great for organization at an affordable cost. One of our customer’s favorite options of Ventilated shelving that we offer would be the FreeSlide shelving. FreeSlide lets you slide hangers on a continuous bar across the entire shelf.

Melamine Wood Shelving

Melamine Wood shelving is a great option for a durable system to create a closet you will love. Adding melamine shelving to your closet enhances the appearance and functionality of your closets, pantries, etc.

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